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Re: New Holiday Layout & My RSS Feed

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
I don't use the RSS feeds, so I can't really help you with this. But, I did look in the FAQ and it says "The forums to which this applies can also be limited to specific guest viewable forums by adding another parameter to the URL containing the forumids as follows.." so I am guessing that since ABT and VBT (forums 12 and 13) are not guest viewable, then you can't use your RSS feed to get them any longer. I suggested above that maybe you need to find an RSS reader that will actually allow you to put in your username and password in order to get those forums. I have no idea if such an RSS feeder exists though - perhaps look over at versiontracker?
So the feed is working, and like you said it's not letting you filter by forum. That's OK. I think that the authentication idea would be great except that I don't know how to it. Dime uses http basic authentication. OiNK embedded a passcode. TTD is using cookies and my newsreader (Newsgator) uses IE as it's engine so it works automagically. I don't think that technique is widely used, but I could be wrong.

Again... Just some info.
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