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Re: How to search for 5.1 surround / DTS torrents?

Originally Posted by Wolf359 View Post
DTS not allowed? I've seen a couple DTS DVDs here (well they also contain a stereo LPCM track so it's not like you couldn't utilize it anyway).
I think you're right and I'm wrong. I could've sworn seeing it posted that DTS was not allowed here but I can't find it (can't search "DTS" LOL) and I see it mentioned in the examples of audio for video codecs in the FAQ

This is what happens when the audio mod gets carried away talking about video

Oh, and Five, you just made my day! I have the stereo version of that DVD and it is amazing. I can't wait to hear the 5.1 version!!!!

thanks again!
You're welcome... that one is probably my favorite DVD that's ever been posted on this site. But I would double-check, as far as I know there is no stereo version in circulation (compare the md5 with your copy). If you have a different version I would really like to trade you for it, I could save you a lot of time downloading

The 5.1 version seeded here is taken from the 2nd broadcast, has some slight edits to the interview segments ( ) and a little intro at the beginning added to mention that Shannon is no longer with us.

Also the WS94 DVD has only surfaced in 2.0 without color correction and there are 5.1 copies out there from the same author ... would also love to trade for one of those.

AND there's a couple AUD DVDs of melon out there at well, but the quality is much lower of course (looking for those as well, its all over youtube).
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