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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
OK, I get it. Gonna take a lot of heavy seeding w/o downloading to bring that up tho, given the size (271GB vs. 1TB).

Good luck vlad! I'd say the DVD seeding might really help due to the size.
Help what? There are no ratio standards here. I seed to share the good things I have, not to increase my ratio. I don't have a problem with my ratio - I have a problem with people who have a problem with my ratio and yet, have never seeded a single torrent to enrich the library of content here.
The beauty of this site is how so many people with different tastes in music share, and offer so much variety. When newcomers visit they think "Wow, look at all the great things that are here." not "Wow look at all the great ratios!".
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