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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by jasonrh View Post
'Blanks and Postage'. It is a fairly archaic way of trading shows in which those without interesting material send 2 (or sometimes more) blanks per disc they want back, plus the cost of postage.

It was very popular 10 years ago when blanks cost $2-4 a piece. Its kind of rare now, but some on here still do it.
no, that is not a B&P...yer referring to a 2:1, which are not allowed here at TTD...and no, B&Ps and snail mail trading are not archaic -- i'd venture to say there's at least just as much mail trading going on as there is bit torrent these days

for a good explanation of B&P, check out our FAQ as well as here:
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