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Re: Stretching audio to sync with video

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
maybe I got you wrong (your 1st reply): you will probably have to make cuts in the video track and adjust it at numerous points to get everything to sync up proper

Redpill asked how to add SBD track to a DVD. If you propose to adjust video it means that it has to be re-encoded ...and then you may ban it as the site mod

Also, if audio stretching causes noticeable and incorrect pitch change it's damn obvious that there is something wrong with one of the sources, and that it's not worth to process.
You do not need to re-encode to make it work. All you need to do is get the audio track synced with the video on the NLE timeline and make your adjustments. Then render only the audio track as 16 bit/48kHz PCM WAV. Import your original VOB or MPEG-2 file into your authoring program and choose your new audio stream to replace the existing audio. You've already made sure it's synced to the original video so you're good to go.
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