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Re: Portable CD player

Originally Posted by everythingiscool View Post
Not sure how many people actually use CD players any more... but I'm curious as to whether anybody knows what cd players produce the best sound. I'm 19, and thus fairly short on money, and also fairly ignorant as far as issues of audio quality go. I'm using Sennheiser eh350 headphones, so not top of the line, so I'm not sure how much of a difference various cd players would make.

For those who are more knowledgeable about digital players, is there such a thing any more as a digital player with 20 or more gigs that DOESN'T have video support, which I really have no desire to pay for? I know the Rio Karma is a 20 gig one with flac support, but are there others?

Thanks for any help.
I'd go with an MP3 player if only for the fact that it won't skip.
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