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Re: Stretching audio to sync with video

AAR.oner, you must have better ears than a bat I believe nobody writes here about difference in minutes but seconds or rather milliseconds with regards to particular song.

I believe that the cut the video option is no option at all. It's more annoying to have jumps and skips on video that a little problem with syncing, imo. Maybe not a big problem when the camera shows crowd but how do you want to cut on the band scenes?

Redpill didn't write what are his sources but even if both come from analogue tapes (VHS / cassette = possibly no constant speed) my advise is:

1. Don't import to Vegas and your audio editor SBD as one big file including all songs but each song separately.

2. Use Vegas to check where are the synching problems, and make a preliminary match but don't make any cut or use time stretch function. Vegas is good but not to make a perfect match, imo.

3. Export preliminary synced SBD to wav (one file, 16/48).

4. I use Adobe Audition for the final syncing but Soundforge perhaps has the same tools: import to Soundforge original audio, preliminary synced, and SBD with each song separately - they have to be converted from 44.1 to 48 kHz. Insert all three in the multitrack window. Preliminary synced audio serves for the SBD as a visual reference.

5. Position SBD tracks to match preliminary synced audio.

6. Before you start final syncing you may need to amplify video audio as usually - i.e. AC3 - is lower than SBD and may have no well visible picks.

7. Now start syncing SBD tracks with the video audio using first of all your eyes, finding identical picks and beats - see attached screenshot. (Some people use function for auto finding and marking beats to get matching points, however, I didn't find it useful in most projects I did.)

For each track/song find a matching pick at the beginning and at the end, and then use time stretch function to SBD to make them identical. Don't worry about crowd noise in between songs, it can be patched, mixed, cut or whatever to keep it with the overall time line.

Hope it helps,
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