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Re: Internet Connection "Fades Away"

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
... the MTU sizes and other params were optimized for v90 modems (like 56k in other words) and will keep you from getting the most out of your connection ...
whoooosh! that went over my head. have no idea what all that means other than something affecting my connection. Since my problem is fixed I am happy. My cable modem is a motorola surf something-or-other and it's been most reliable these past 7-or-so years. I've even downloaded well-seeded +4Gb torrents in a matter of a few hours so I'm not complaining. All I really do on this pc is watch a little tv, leech/seed torrents, play & burn cd and dvd, web-surf & email, visit a few forums and photoshop, word, excel. Maybe some autocad when I'm really bored. Never had to do a restore or sytem re-install, never had a virus. This old war-horse will have to die before I move on. Like the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
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