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Re: Stretching audio to sync with video

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
its better to stretch the video, as opposed to stretching the audio [which causes a noticeable difference in pitch]

you will probably have to make cuts in the video track and adjust it at numerous points to get everything to sync up proper
Not true. I've stretched audio a decent bit with Vegas and never had problems. It's better do stretch the audio.

Here are a couple options to check in Vegas. Go to Options > "Quantize To Frames". Make sure that is unchecked. If it is checked then when you stretch it has to be one full frame at a time. With it unchecked you can stretch in the smallest increment you want.

When you start your project go to File > Properties and under the Audio tab there is "Resample and stretch quality". Choose Best for that.

With these settings I have never had any problems syncing separate audio sources and stretching them as much as needed. Usually the drift between devices is not more than a few seconds so it's not a huge issue.
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