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Re: A question about speed correction of lossless files

Ha Ha , looks to me you don't need my help !
You know way more than I could tell you.
I knew about speed changing pitch way back when I'd have to adjust my turntable to play along with a record , since I was tuned correctly but the record was usually too fast , and I see how it applies to tape , but all that other stuff....
I can understand your meaning but I don't really 'know' all that. I know Clapton did some of that on the Let It Rain solo in the studio , which was a big disappointment to me , to read him say they sped it up and synced it with the backing track before they layered it in to the final mix , but as far as foobar shortening a wav and then being able to sync that with a vid , I really don't know , would their read-outs even be the same even though digital is supposed to be mathematically perfect ? Are most softwares on the same page with that ?
You'd know better than I would ,
but thanks for the fascinating conversation , anyway , and wish I was up to speed enough to help with something like that.
I'll just sit back and listen for awhile ! Have a good one , Five

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