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Internet Connection "Fades Away"

First off - Merry Christmas Everyone! Now ...

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. We have cable, internet and telephone all coming in via our cable provider. Lately my downloading/uploading and web activity just stops for reasons I just cannot understand. Before when this happened we would also lose cable and the phone so I was sure that there was a problem w/the cable company and when I would call to report it, sure enough, there was an outage going on. Also the modem lights would also indicate this. However, now my internet stops altogether while cable and telephone continue to work and all modem lights indicate all should be well. This happens w/o any discernable pattern. Sometimes it's good for hours on end and sometimes it drops out after 10 minutes. The only work-around I have found is to restart the computer everytime this happens. I even tried using the Device Manager and removing the modem and the restart always detects and re-installs it automatically. But the problem continues.

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