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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

Originally Posted by Tubular View Post
His standalone ADC/burner burned data discs in .aif format, but he has a Windows machine.

We were trying to figure out a simple, free way to do it without using command line. I think he was having problems with the free program Audacity. If your FLAC compression program accepts .aif, then there is no reason to convert .aif to .wav first. Everyone who has a Windows machine who decodes those FLACs (made directly from .aif's) with Trader's Little Helper or FLAC Frontend will just get .wav files.
Ok, Thank you. I'll go ahead and compress those .aif to .flac now.

I must have forgotten about the part where he said he couldn't use the .aif because of Windows. Somewhere along the way I started wondering why he was going to so much trouble to convert to .wav.

So Windows machines will not deal with .aif files at all? I didn't know that. Bill Gates, what a wonderful human being. The only guy who can come close is the President of Sony. ;-) (PS. Blueray could spell the end to free-ware disk burning utilities!)

The flac command line tool is soo easy, though. I don't really see any reason to avoid it. Unlike the command line version of shorten, flac 1.1.1 (and older/newer) will compress an entire directory or a list of files in a batch and you only have to remember two or three flags. I keep the command in a text file just to double check.

But, maybe Windows did away with the command prompt utility at some point.

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