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Re: cd-r media tests

Here's an interesting incident. The situation is this, my brand new Denon 380 cd player has not been reading my cd-rs (see TDK comments above). Last night on the way home from work I bough a TY spindle of Fujis, burned a disk at 4x with no ther programs running. My Denon still wasn't reading it. I put in a different TDK from about a month ago and it read fine. I held the two up to the light looking for differnces and noticed that I could see through the Fuji so this morning at work I slapped a label on my Fuji. I also stopped at a stereo store that sold Denon's and tossed the disk into a 380 to see if it would read. No problem. I get home for lunch and tossed the disc into my player. First try it didn't read. I tried a second time and it read fine after some sputtering.
I'm wondering if my laser is too strong for translucent discs? I'm also going to pack up my cd player and take it back to see if I can exchange it. It's only been 60 days since I bought it.
Anyone have a clue what else might be the case?
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