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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

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This thread is a bit dusty now, but I was wondering what the necessity for converting the aif files to wav is? This seems to be the only thread in Technobabble that uses the therm '.aif'.
His standalone ADC/burner burned data discs in .aif format, but he has a Windows machine.

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I use flac 1.1.1 command line tool. It compresses .aif, .wav and .raw not to mention decoding to either .wav or .aif (.wav is the default).

I recently started trying to use Garage Band and it seems to only export to .aif. I recently saw a recording on the archive that is .aif -> .shn. If my flac compression program will accept .aif files is there any reason to worry about changing .aif to .wav?
We were trying to figure out a simple, free way to do it without using command line. I think he was having problems with the free program Audacity. If your FLAC compression program accepts .aif, then there is no reason to convert .aif to .wav first. Everyone who has a Windows machine who decodes those FLACs (made directly from .aif's) with Trader's Little Helper or FLAC Frontend will just get .wav files.
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