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Re: an .FLA file?!?!

My understanding is that the .FLA extension is designed only for use on legacy systems that can't handle a four-letter extension.

One would think that a newer system such as WinXP could handle the .FLA extension as easily as the .FLAC extension so that it wouldn't make any difference to FLAC Frontend which extension the files have.

But just to be sure, I tested it out by changing the extension on a set of flac files to .FLA and sure enough Flac Frontend didn't like them. I am using WinXP SP2. I then ran the same tests on the same files using flac.exe from the command line and it had no problem with them. So the issue is with Flac frontend only, and the solution is simply to change the extension on your Flac files to .FLAC.

Multi-frontend had the same issue too, btw.
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