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Re: mac v. pc

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
people keep saying that macs are more $, but you can get a mini for $500...last time i built a PC, it cost me almost $2,000
600 actually and that doesn't have a dvd burner
get the mini with dvd burner and 700
add keyboard and screen you are at 850+
get a "torrent" pc for 400 complete

i have 1 iMac running OS8
1 iBook running 9
5 iMac running 10
2 mini running 10
1 powerbook running 10
3 iMacs that died after 8 yrs (all the same age and died within a month of each other)
the only trouble i ever had besides the 3 that died was a powerbook screen issue which was serviced free - it was a bitch to get fixed but they did it in the end

as for unmounting discs, you simply drag it to the trash if the eject key doesn't do it, you can't get much easier
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