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Re: DVD recorder advice

Originally Posted by tgunn2760 View Post
I hope this is the right forum for this question:

I would like to get a new DVD recorder, I have a Liteon but would like to upgrade to something that automatically removes commercials? Do such machines exist?

Also, do hard drive DVD recorders also record on discs, like DVD-RW and DVD-Rs? Are there recorders that can record in both formats?

What are good brands and models, if anyone can make suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
I am pretty sure that DVD recorders have not yet been made which edit out the adverts, but if you buy a decent one with a hard drive its real simple to edit out the adverts before you run the show to disk to archive.
Panasonic DVD recorders seem to the most accurate for editing and they can record in DVD-r DVD-RW and DVD Ram, though I pretty much only use the hard drive, then edit shows before I run them to DVD-R.
I have other DVD recorders by Samsung and Pionner but I prefer that Panasonics (I now have four of them) other people may thing other wise.

The only thing I am not too happy with is using these for is video capture of old tapes, if its a concert I filmed years ago on video 8 or Hi8 they are great for capture via the firewire cable, but I tried to convert some of my 200+ betamax tapes and I thought they were not so hot even though I am using top of the range Beta VCRS in mint condition via expensive AV cables and only doing capture in XP mode.
The tapes are almost 30 years old and look perfect on a 25 inch Sony CRT TV but on a brand new 42 inch plasma they do not look so good, maybe I am being fussy though.
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