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Re: mac v. pc

I don't know how much longer its going to be before mac users will need antivirus. its more expensive but easier to use, also keep in mind that a mac can run windows now too so you really really get the best of both worlds.

I like tinkering around with PC stuff and its all the easier when its so much cheaper. This is my first ever post from my Cormpaq Armada 1700 laptop I bought for $30 at the goodwill. Yes its slow but I like the fact that I don't have to worry all the time that somebody's gonna steal it, especially when I'm on vacation.

I also got a 800MHz P3 desktop for $20 at the same store, and it can run XP just fine. I'll get an Apple laptop for $20 in another 8 years... lol

...and no, I can't do video captures on thes old machines but audio works just great. I've recorded 8 simultaneous tracks on a 350MHz machine with 512MB RAM before with no crashing problems. protools for mac is famous for crashing all the time fwiw. depends on what purpose you need the computer for.
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