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Re: My Upload Speed On TDD Went Bad

Originally Posted by xkeots View Post
My speeds were good till this week.
I have always been able to post 3-4 shows with good speeds.
Peers can't even link on to me.

When noone is connecting to you, you may want to look at the Peers List and see if the other peers are firewalled or not. I know James brought this up already, but if you are firewalled, you may only connect to other users who are NOT firewalled. This can make a difference at times. Also, I'll re-emphasize what James said in that the tracker really has little to do with you once you start a torrent. All it does is keep track of your stats. Your bittorrent client is responsible for connecting you to other users.

Also, if you are uploading at other sites at the same time you are uploading to here, it could be that the other sites are 'stealing' all the upload speed. So, you may try capping the upload speed on the other torrents until your torrents here get going.
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