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Re: My Upload Speed On TDD Went Bad

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post

you don't really upload to TTD.. it's just a tracker.. like a traffic cop. Less than that, really.

Your upload speed is entirely dependant on the peers you connect to, and if they can connect to you.

You are currently seeding 4 shows at once and the tracker shows that you are firewalled on the port you are using.

Funneling 4 shows through a single port that is firewalled will certainly keep people from being able to connect to you, this limiting the amount of data you'll put up.

I suggest you take a look at and see if you can get your port forwarded properly. You'll be amazed at the difference it'll make.]

Also, your BT client is pretty old... it doesn't make that much difference, but I think you might like uTorrent 1.7.x much better as it has a built in port forwarding quick-test button to give you a definate answer as whether your ports are properly forwarded, so people can connect to you and get data.
My speeds were good till this week.
I have always been able to post 3-4 shows with good speeds.
Peers can't even link on to me.

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