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Re: DVD to ??? for editing

Originally Posted by FeX- View Post
Ive started using Sony Vegas Pro 8 and soon Adobe Premiere to create multicam mix of shows and for dual audio. My question is that the program won't open DVD Video_TS folder or VOB files, so then I have to convert it to avi or mpeg and i dont know what to do. Which format do I have to convert the Video_TS Vob files to that will still have the great quality and won't be lossy, cause I understand that when you convert it to avi then it becomes lossy.

What format do I have to convert to and what settings do I have to use and also recommend me a software that you use to convert those files before you add them to your editing software. Thank you for the future help
If you shot the footage yourself, and import the raw footage to your PC, you will get a huge av file of uncompressed video, I believe about 30 GB per hour. You can then edit that on Vegas. Vegas was created for this type of work.

If you have a DVD you want to edit, you need to decompress it. I believe VirtualDub can do it, I am not sure. You may have to rip the DVD to a single MPEG file, with Decrypter, then decompress it with VirtualDub and edit it. But, as the mod said, you would not be able to seed it here because it would be encoded twice.
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