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Rockbox is intimidating at first, but once you actually read the installation procedure its dead simple.

Its totally worth the effort, I can take any audio download from this site and copy it as-is to my iPod and listen directly with no iTunes or apple lossless transcode. The original files are kept intact. You can also view the txt file and any included jpg artwork directly on your iPod (at least you can with a video iPod like mine). Also you lose nothing since you can still boot into the apple OS with rockbox installed.

and you can even play Doom or Doom II when you're coming home drunk on the bus

To install, first determine the model of your iPod, get the correct version of rockbox & the manual pdf from Follow the manual to the letter (you will also need an exe linked in that pdf but that's it) and away you go. Post back if you're confused about it, I've been using it for months now and can't say enough good things about it.
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