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Re: Help me bust through my firewall! (NAT content)

Looking good, Bust.

The original BitTorrent client uses a different port for every torrent, i.e. window you have open. This is because it runs a different instance of itself in memory for every torrent. It starts at port 6881 and goes up from there, using the next consecutive port every time you open a window. BitTornado follows the same pattern. This is why you always see the advice to open ports 6881 and up.

But Azureus has been specifically designed to listen on just one port for all torrents. It can do this because there is only one instance of Azureus running for all torrents. By default Azureus uses port 6881 since that's the first of the standard BT ports.

Other BT clients also can listen on just one port. Pretty well any client that handles multiple torrents in a single window will use just one port.
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