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Re: Transfering video on DVR to MAC?

i have tried this recently (and researched it a good amount)
if you have a active firwire port (and thats the problem- ACTIVE)
then you can DL a program that will connect the dvr and mac - iMovie will not reconize the dvr box like it does a camcorder

however, even though an active firewire port if required by the fcc, most people can NOT get a box with one on it
time warner flat out told me they will not give out firewire boxes unless you can show thbem you have a device with dtcp (digital transmission copy pretection) on it
which is to stop you from transfering a lot of different material and saves them from getting sued

so if that doesn't work then if you have a external hd and a sata port you can try that
but that usually requires a "trick" to get it to play on your mac or allow you to do editting

finally there is tivo
the easiest way i found to get stuff from tv to your comp
tivo has tivo to go and wireless networking
you save the show, transfer wireless to mac, burn in toast or export from toast to iMovie/iPod/web

for people not wanting HD the comcorder with passthru or a "dazzle" device is easy too, but HD you can't do that
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