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Re: Return to Page after logout not working since SW upgrade

Originally Posted by aikox2 View Post
Yes, but it used to take you back to threads in the music download forums.

I only pointed it out because I noticed the change in behavior, and after the upgrade you were solicitting reports of bugs. Maybe this is not a bug.
It probably did used to take you back. But after we got notice for the Zep thread, I made the Torrent forums private so they don't get spidered and now you must be logged in to view them.

Originally Posted by aikox2 View Post
BTW, whatever happened to the "Sort by First Post Date" as the "Default Forum Sort Order" under User Control Panel Options?

The option is still there, but it no longer works.

Any chance of us seeing that fixed?


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You can still sort by first post. I rewrote that code before I did the upgrade, so it is still there. But, I have not gotten around to rewriting the code for the default forum sort order. I did mention that the torrents page has them all listed in post date order. That will have to do until I rewrite the other code.
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