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Re: cd-r media tests

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
might i just suggest, though you may already know this, that the only really "good" brands to stick with would be Taiyo Yuden OR Ritek [might i say these are the only two I personally know of...there might be others though]

i have used many other brands in the past but...those are the only two to trust can get excellent deals on both brands online @ supermediastoreDOTcom [no i don't work there or know anyone who does]...DVDR media usually runs me between 35-40 cents a disc (buying 100 spindle, even cheaper in larger quantities) and CDRs between 25-30 cents, but alot of times they've got deals with em even cheaper or with free shipping...never had a problem and they're quick!

i personally stick with Taiyo's when it comes to CDRs and either TY or Ritek for me, you won't have the headaches down the line with "ruined" discs & other traders will appreciate it too...

The Fuji's I bought on the way home from work today were manufactured by Taiyo Yuden Company Limited. The question is how the heck do I know in advance that that's who manufactured them before I run the disc through Feurio? They say made in Japan but there was also some Fujifilms that were made in Taiwan. Different manufacturer? And what do the different types in cd info section mean? The Fuji's I bought are Type 1 the TDKs I have are Type 6.
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