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Re: cd-r media tests

might i just suggest, though you may already know this, that the only really "good" brands to stick with would be Taiyo Yuden OR Ritek [might i say these are the only two I personally know of...there might be others though]

i have used many other brands in the past but...those are the only two to trust can get excellent deals on both brands online @ supermediastoreDOTcom [no i don't work there or know anyone who does]...DVDR media usually runs me between 35-40 cents a disc (buying 100 spindle, even cheaper in larger quantities) and CDRs between 25-30 cents, but alot of times they've got deals with em even cheaper or with free shipping...never had a problem and they're quick!

i personally stick with Taiyo's when it comes to CDRs and either TY or Ritek for me, you won't have the headaches down the line with "ruined" discs & other traders will appreciate it too...

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