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Re: A question about speed correction of lossless files

Originally Posted by Five
thanks for the info starman... please do keep me updated. When I finally get to my project I'll post all the info about it for anybody who's interested to check out.

btw, I'm curious about using foobar2000 for pitch correction. Can foobar play back a file in real time so that the final time of a WAV is just a little bit shorter? Can you tell me where these settings are and how they're used? I want to use this for yet another project (work-related).
That's a good question...wish I knew !
If you go into preferences > playback>DSP Manager > Sound Touch , the controls are there.
( first you have to make sure you've got all that stuff enabled by going into DSP Manager and putting them from the right column into the left column , and remove effects you don't want the same simplest explanation... )
In Sound Touch are the controls for 'Apply Slider Changes In Real Time' , 'Tempo' , 'Rate' and 'Pitch'.
There's a screen shot of the sliders that also pretty much includes the path to them on the previous page of this thread.
They are very sensitive...I had to move the mouse cursor a hair at a time before clicking to get it just right. If I move the slider by holding my left click down , I get what I want but it takes awhile to get used to , especially while hitting a guitar string with my left hand(one time being a lefty came in handy , my left is my natural pick hand).
There may be ways of doing what you're saying in foobar , but I'm not aware of how to use them.
I just managed a rudimentary , but I believe , tonally-accurate way of fixing the pitch on this one show I encountered , using foobar.
See , I'm not sure what tempo he played this show at...he could've rushed through the numbers a little , but the guitar would still be in the right pitch that he tunes in, if it was him hurrying and not the tape recorder/player...know what I mean ? So I just focused on getting the note right and left the timing of the beat to my ear and my pretty much embedded memory of how fast his tunes go....not the mathematically accurate way , I know , but you've given me a new idea :idea2: as far as how to get that corrected using a studio recordings timing as a guide.
If you're shooting where I think you are (took me a minute to catch on !), we'd probably be better off trying to do it with CED or Sound Forge 7.0, which I've got a cracked copy of , but admittedly , the controls on SF might as well be in Greek to me at this point !

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