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Re: un-known lineage category

Originally Posted by RainDawg
The reason silver is preferred is because at least you have something that contains the original digitization of it, without additional digital generations. This, of course, lowers the chance of there being flaws. If, as is the case with Pink Floyd and many other bands, material that has been pressed to silver disc begins to circulate in better form, we'd prefer those versions over the silvers. We're just trying to have a place where the best possible circulating recording (I understand that many masters are hoarded or only traded in elite circles) can be seeded. That is our philosophy, and I believe we've come up with a pretty good set of guidelines for enforcing it.
We've discussed this before and I think we'll always disagree. When I see AUD > ? > Silver I simply don't download the show. There's no telling what's behind the question mark. Stopping digital flaws is great but given a choice of "A(low) > CDR(x)" and "A(x) > Silver CD" I'll take the CDR(x). Most digital errors are easily correctable. The hiss and speed problems introduced by multiple analog generations are much more difficult to correct.
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