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Originally Posted by GIGFY26 View Post
Hi Lynne,
Thanks for all your hard work on this. One thing I noticed today.
My RSS feed is not updating the audio and video torrents anymore. It still does the other forums but the last torrent listed is the Dave Mathews video from 12/10 @ 21:10et.
I don't know how many people actually use this, just wondering if anyone else noticed this. Did you do an update on the 10th that may have affected it?
Due to the notice we got today to take down the Zeppelin torrent, we no longer allow non-members to view the Torrent forums. This is probably why you aren't getting an update in your RSS feed. Perhaps there is a way to put in a username/password for a site in order for it to work?

Originally Posted by zeppy2 View Post
I use Firefox 1.5 under Ubuntu-Linux 6.06 and threads take now such a long time to open...
I tried on another computer with Firefox 2.0 under Ubuntu-Linux 7.10 and have not the same problem, but a different (new) home page ?
Hmmm, I'm not a linux user, so I really can't help with this. Perhaps you can open the console (Tools > Error Console) and see what the problem is?
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