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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

Well, one of the tech guys at the cable place is now convinced I have some sort of virus, even though he's not seeing any tell-tale signs on his end of viral infection. AntiVir, which my brother claims is the best thing going for free anti-virus software right now, cleans things up but not completely, I guess; I used Spybot Search & Destroy and even though that keeps having some "Z-Demon" error that I can't get rid of, I've been told by the same cable tech guy that Spybot is a piece of crap and I should stick with Ad-Aware (my brother told me the exact opposite.. I guess I'll try doing every imaginable thing to make sure that I have my system clean of viral problems, but even that may not help. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions everyone; wazoo, I'm going to try that step-by-step guide once I run through all of the virus problems... I appreciate it!
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