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Re: MPEG-2 to DVD Question

You don't mention what was the audio format of the original files. If it was a DVB (digital broadcast) they should be in MP2. However, if it was recorded in 1998 I believe you files come form a VHS transfer, so the audio was probably in AC3.

If you converted it to LPCM then stay with it. TMPGEnc AC3 codec is good but not the best. It cuts in most cases everything over 16 kHz or on a noisy material even lower, so you may end with a bit more dull sounding audio, and of course it will be (double?) lossy.

I'd rather divide the show into 2 discs than make any (re)conversion. BTW: DVD Author 3 always slightly re-converts video stream. I'm not 100% sure but seems that if the material is flagged as coming from TMPGEnc codec it is left untouched.

Originally Posted by Dudogger View Post
2) Is the low bitrate suggestive of past re-encoding, etc., or was that merely the typical result of recording these shows as .mpgs to begin with?
It can be a DVB if recorded no earlier than 3-4 years ago as before there was no equipment do it.
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