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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

Originally Posted by ProducerDrew
I attempted that, but then had no connection whatsoever - my little brother told me that it's probably because the router's address is registered with the cable co., not my computer's individual address (that makes no sense to me, but I stopped developing my "computer geek" skills right around the time broadband and networking blew up). Ports 6881-89 (I think; not at home right now) are definitely still forwarded for BT, just like I'd set them up to forward back when I was on everydayjones... I've never had 6969 forwarded though. Is that something specific for this site? I can't transfer easytree torrents anymore, now, either... There is a possibility that there's a communications issue, IP-wise, between the router and the LAN. I know that this would be a big pain for you, seeing how much information on the subject has already been posted in this post alone, but since I've had no luck when I follow the IP-configuration suggestions on the Linksys FAQ, could you suggest a from-the-beginning, step-by-step path for me to ensure that all the networking settings didn't get screwed by my computer shutting down that one day? Thanks so much for the help; I still haven't had enough free time in a day to get in touch with the cable co., so if I can get this fixed w/o having to try a new modem that'd be great!
OK, the first part makes no sense because your cable company assigns an IP addy to your MODEM, based on the MAC Hardware address. You plug the modem into the WAN port of your router which doesn't give a rat's ass what addy your modem is, just cares about letting your LAN talk to it.

Try for a step by step setup routine.

I think we've covered all the obvious bases... I'm kinda out of ideas on this one. Good luck.
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