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dvd backup problems!!

I have been trying to burn wav or flac files created in EAC to dvd-r blanks to archive. I'd like to stay with wav files, as I should be able to copy them back to hard drive and then burn as music least to my thinking....but, doesn't seem to work.

I have also had problems encoding flac files, so, if possible, I'd like to stay with the wav's. When I get done with a data dvd with like 6 cd's worth of wavs. I get a good data checkin Nero, but then when I try check the dvd by copying the files back to another hard drive, it hangs up and gives up after a while.

Update, I got traders little helper, so that's helping with the flac encoding, but I still am getting the same error message below:

I did get one error message that says "cannot copy track 01. Invalid MS-DOS function."

the dvd's are TDK dvd-r "data and video". so no listing of udf or iso on them that I can see...................

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