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Re: Azureus Questions and Problems

Originally Posted by door71 View Post
It's doing the same thing with utorrent.

Where would I go to change downloadtor.php to attachment.php?

Would that be somewhere in the download client or in Explorer?

Thanks for all your help.
hold that thought. lets go back to the original problem..

Originally Posted by door71 View Post
I had no problem whatsoever downloading before Monday's update.

1. I would left click on the link.
2. Choose open file in the add download screen.
3. Hit ok and a 30 second launch would appear. I could either wait the 30 seconds or launch it earlier.
4. Then a Azureus pop up would appear and tell me my file was now downloading.
5. It would appear on my Azureus dashboard and in my designated desktop file.

Now I get nothing after step 2 that is similar to before. I have seen a screen that says " Could not open'attachment.php'. It doesn't appear to be a .torrent file"
something (a toolbar or software pop up blocker) is preventing you from receiving the .torrent file.

attachment.php is the window that opens, then offers you the .torrent file.
please try this..

goto torrent page>
RIGHT CLICK on the torrent and select the 'Open In New Window' option
you should then have a new window that offers the .torrent file.
when offered the .torrent file - select Open.

all should be well.

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