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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

Ok, everybody -- I got the cable co to help me recognize first my desktop, then my laptop; the connection worked, but the BT problem was still there. The weirdest part was when we ran a test on the UL/DL speeds and the UL speed showed as normal. I've got my cable modem connected directly to my laptop now and although I can recognize peers and seeds still, there's -nothing- happening on my UL and DL. I just can't imagine how 7 months of normal operation can suddenly crap out on a whim, especially when I'm backdoor-free and everything runs fine on any connections but mine. The cable guy suggested I try a new modem first, then they'll check for problems on the outside line. It's just odd that everything looks to be working fine... EXCEPT BITTORRENT. And just when so much good shit is coming up on this site too... anyone want to do some trades or B+P for the two new moe posts and the Phish 12-02 setbreak video?
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