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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Paul56 View Post
Last week I tried to help out a couple of leeches on two separate torrents and after 2 days I checked their tracker and they each had over 20 torrents running. I sent a PM and asked them to stay on and seed after they get it, no reply. My torrent client could only give them about 30 seconds an hour of delivery because they had so much going on. I asked them to keep their torrents to about 5 total because the clients works best at about 2 dl and 3 ul, especially with their slow connections I gave them 24 hours to pause or stop most of their running torrents if they want to receive the seed.

And what do you know, they got it and split! Really ticked me off. On top of that someone else jumped on one of the torrents during this and I had to stay and help them seed.

I just noticed while writing this that I have two people wanting a seed from two of my uploads ~ one has a 0.32 ratio and 27 active torrents, the other has a guy with an 0.24 ration and 44 active torrents ~ these guys are going to be waiting a long time for me to want to jump in and help them!

Who knows how many other active torrents from other Trading sites they have open!
You know, Staff has talked a bit about this and we are unsure about exactly what to do. I've already gone and tried to cut back on the amount of shows you are allowed to seed at a time (it is set to ten), but if you were downloading and then become a seed, it won't 'kick' you off, so you can actually seed more than ten at a time as long as you keep the torrents going. Some people have HUGE connections and can handle ten, but most people don't do any good seeding ten at a time. It's tempting to lower this number even more, however a big part of me thinks the best thing to do is to educate these users. Some have been educated by coming to Technobabble and reading and asking questions, but unfortunately, the clueless remain clueless and never bother to try to learn.

I hate to say it, but when I've noticed someone who can only download at a really slow rate from me because they are downloading so many other things, I won't seed to them unless I have nothing else I need to seed.
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