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Re: adding loseless audio to dvds

as has been stated, just upsample the wav files from 16bit 44.1kHz to 16bit 48kHz using an audio editing program [Audacity will work and is free]...import your 16/48 wavs into your editing program, sync everything up, then import both video & audio into your authoring program...i'm not familiar with DVD Lab Pro, but i'm sure it'll give ya the option of authoring the dvd with either uncompressed audio or the typical ac3 compression...choose uncompressed LPCM wav and yer good to go

can't speak for any progs other than what i use [DVD Studio Pro], but you should have no problem using a straight 16/48 wav...i've personally never had to "convert" a wav to RAW PCM before, but i've never worked on a windows based machine so i could be wrong on that one

and i'll third what Five & james said, definitely don't use mp3!
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