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Re: Cable vs DSL help.

Sandvine works by sending out rst packets to both ends of the connection and killing the transfer. I found a software solution that blocks the rst packets. The caveat of this is, both ends of the connection need to have a means to block the rst packets, for this to work in blocking sandvine.

Here is the solution I found:

The firewall program for it is here Registering it is up to the end user.

The .rls configuration file for it is here.


1. Install Look n Stop
2. start up Look n Stop
3. click on the Internet Filtering tab
4. click on the load button near the bottom
6. find the sandvine.rls file you downloaded and click open
8. make sure the Internet Filtering enabled checkbox is checked.

If you did it right there should be only 1 rule. My internet stopped working properly with all their fancy rules so I deleted them all and now everything works perfectly. Last thing you need to do it attach the rule to your bittorrent client.

9. click on the rule
10. click on edit with the rule highlighted
11. near the bottom left corner it says Application, click it.
12. find your bittorrent client (ie Azureus or utorrent) and hit ok

You will have to ok all of your internet accessing apps after installing this, as part of the progs learning process.

Also there is this:

I've had success working around the comcast visegrip by using option 1 from What's Working on this page

Those are two people who have found work arounds for comcast and it works no problem. Thx to mutescream and kilimenjaro for the tech help.
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