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Re: Forum software upgrade on Monday

Originally Posted by saltman View Post
quick links > banners list . doesn't load also.
I added that to the first post in my list of things to fix tomorrow.
Originally Posted by schmoe75 View Post
There's a 'check box' on the right of each post & thread.

Pm's are in italics.

The "forums" button at the top of the page is a drop down box.
Only the mods see the checkboxes. You can check one and go to the bottom where it says Moderation and do your mod stuff from there. Something to try the next time someone posts a cover in a thread... check the box and then go to the Moderation box and click on Move Post. Then select Covers forum and say Go (or whatever to get it to go). Actually, practice that on a Staff thread first, just in case it doesn't work how I think it does.

There is a PM preview like I had before, which happens to be a hack. It is the default hack template which is different than how I did it before which is probably why you notice it now.

Yeah, I added that forums drop-down because James asked if it was possible. I'm still getting used to it.
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