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Forum software upgrade on Monday

I'm going to be updating the forum software on Monday. This means that the site will be closed to viewing and posting for a couple of hours. The tracker should continue on since I'm not doing anything to it. However, I will be doing some database changes during the upgrade and so it may make the database unavailable for a little bit which may cause the tracker to spit out an error. That should correct itself the next time your bittorrent client tries to contact the tracker.

After the upgrade, I'm sure there will be things that decide to not work or cause errors. I tried to be on the lookout for them when practicing the upgrade on a test site, but I'm sure there are a couple of things I missed. This thread is to be used to list any small problems that occur after the upgrade. Some modifications I did to this site early on that no one (or hardly anyone) uses will not be carried onto the upgraded site.

List of things I need to fix:
- if you use Quick Reply, your stats look like they are zeroed out after you submit the post. You can do a refresh on the page and they will reappear
- torstats page isn't working
- banners page isn't working
- I'm not sure if the tracker cleaner is working - I think it's fixed
- allow searching for 'who'
- add last 10 list of torrents/vines/b&ps to member page
- add TTD trader in postbit
- main page clientscript error / cron job error
- cron jobs!!!!
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