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Re: A question about speed correction of lossless files

Hi Five ( no pun intended)
I had fixed the pitch and tempo in foobar2000 , which allows you to adjust both those and the rate AS you listen , which was a big plus , but then you have to burn it with foobar which uses your Nero as it's burner,in order to keep the effects in place , it wouldn't create a cue sheet that retained the values I had set.
I was using Aerial Boundaries as my tuning guide as there are four versions listed right on Stropes web page ( that all incorporate the same tuning C2C3D3G3A3D4 , the numbers being the octave of each note , not the string, of course , and by tuning my own guitar accordingly , so I could let the low C note ring in open position as I adjusted tempo /pitch with my mouse, etc etc .
However ,Nero only recognizes my lite-on CD burner which has been junked , and not my DVD burner so the project got shelved until I could get CED , Goldwave or Sound Forge going on it. However I've been spending the last two days flat on my back in 28 degrees farenheit weather working on my car !
Some guy over on EZT tried a fix but I think he got it indicated by the mods comments...

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