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Re: Cable vs DSL help.

Basically Comcast will prevent you from uploading using bittorrent once you complete your download or when initially seeding a show. Now would not be a good time to start using Comcast cable internet. Does your DSL service offer an extreme package for more money? Either that or Verizon FIOS (incredible upload speeds, like 1000 kb/s) would be the way to go. ANYTHING but Comcast if you want to use bittorrent IMO. When I had Comcast cable I was only able to upload at about 45 kb/s, and that was spotty after they started throttling/sandvining me. Encryption helped out a lot for me, but for some people they get throttled so much that even encryption won't help. There are ways around sandvine, but it doesn't work for everyone, esp. Vista users I think.
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