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Re: Showing as no seed on upload. WTF??

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
So exactly what is it that is happening? What steps are you able to perform and which ones do you think may be the problem? Are you being asked about which folder to save the files in?
OK, I attempt to download my show from TTD via uTorrent. It loads and I see peers but I never seed and there is no activity. I went back via instructions to click the preference pages as they were wrong the first time (set fine now). I've tried every thing since. Now the original torrent is in my "G" drive and that is where I save all downloads from here, Dime etc. This is an external drive. The only prompt I get is "what do I want to do with file" (save/open tried both just in case) Last is it asks where I want to put it and I put in in "G".

Shall I try to save it to the torrent folder IN the "G" drive rather just the "G"? Thanks and I'm so sorry for all of this. Main reason I've avoided upping so long.
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