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Re: Showing as no seed on upload. WTF??

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
You are pointing your torrent to the wrong folder for seeding. Did you read this part of the FAQ:

For uTorrent:

* Stop the torrent (red square)
* Remove it from uTorrent (red X)
* Go to Options > Preferences > Downloads tab and uncheck the option to "Put new download in"
* Now start the torrent downloaded from the thread
* uTorrent should now ask you where to save the files
* Point it to the folder you pointed to when you made the torrent.

You need to have uTorrent ask you where to download the show. And, when it asks you, point to the same folder you selected when you made the torrent file originally. And if that folder doesn't work, point it to the folder that contains the folder you originally selected.
Yes I did scour for the wonderful info here on the site. I did just what you said and it's still nothing. This is my first upload attempt so there are so many areas of possible problems. I also followed the other patron's advice but to no avail.
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