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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by ssquirrel
the cherry tree doesn't just grow magically by itself [...] My point is just that after the old man dies, the children need to become adults and step up to help maintain the life of the tree.

I can understand the pro-ratio peoples argument/concern, that if people don't give back, there will eventually be nothing left.

However, I don't think it applies necessarily to torrents. Yes it's a bit irksome to torrent a file, watch 500 people download it, but none re-seeding. But then, some years ago, we relied on ftp, where people NEVER shared back - you simply upload your file and leave it be. Whoever downloads it, downloads and goes away. The means of transportation has changed slightly, the nature of people has not. If people want to share, they will. If they don't, they won't. Why get your panties in a wad over it?

Ratios just serve to restrict and discourage sharing, they do not promote it.
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