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Re: File correction

Originally Posted by ChrisTM
My point is simply this- if you happened to be looking for this specific show in the general torrent collection under any of the musicians' names, your look would be futile- at least mine was/is. You would find a concert consisting of only one of the dates included in what I downloaded. Today, I was able to find the show only by searching for the venue location of the concert, and then was forwarded into the audio forum where the concert was found in a posting thread. The rest of the information was only descriptional backround that you might have found if you had bothered to actually investigate what I had said. This excellent show deserves a little more respect than this. LOOK FOR THE MATRIX!
Are you serial?

can I assume you're talking about this torrent?

Did you try using the artist's last names as keywords in your search?

And FYI, if you have a hard time finding something, how are the mods to know what you're talking about when you don't even provide a link to the thread in question? I figured it out only by searching your posts.

Oh, and welcome to the Traders Den

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