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Re: Does firewalling apply differently to torrents from this particular site?

As a firewalled user, you may only connect to unfirewalled users. So, if you finish a torrent and only a couple of firewalled users are left trying to download the show, you will not uploading anything to them. Currently, I only see you on one torrent and, unfortunately for you, the other leecher is firewalled. So, you will not upload a thing on that torrent and your ratio can only go down.

The key to setting up portforwarding is setting up a static IP for yourself. Most people use DHCP when they setup a router. That means that everytime you turn on your computer, you get a different IP from your router (an IP that looks like In order to forward your ports, you need to tell your router that you always want the same local IP - like Once you set up a static local IP, you may forward your ports to it and you will be unfirewalled and able to connect to everyone.
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