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Question Does firewalling apply differently to torrents from this particular site?

Please help a noob redeem the disgrace of his current ratio.

When I finish downloading a torrent from, say, a certain Swedish tracking site, my BitTorrent 6.0 (build 4747) switches over to Seeding and starts uploading at a modest but steady clip. So I can just let it run until my ratio balances out and then delete the torrent.

But when I get a torrent from here, although the status shows as Seeding, nothing goes out. PortForward tells me I'm firewalled - which is plausible enough. But then why doesn't it work the same way for those other torrents?

I should add that a little does go out during the download itself. For example: over the course of getting one 373 MB torrent, 35 MB went out. Why would the firewall block function differently during the download than it does afterwards?

I really hope there's a simple fix for this. I looked over the directions for port forwarding and I nearly fainted.

FWIW: I'm using a Netgear WPN824v2 router on Windows XP SP2. BitTorrent tells me the port used for incoming connections is 62812. UPnp port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping are both enabled, whatever they are. The "Add BitTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions" box is checked.

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