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Re: un-known lineage category

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
I didn't say it could be torrented *here*, I simply said there is no such thing as a show with unknown lineage and I proceeded to show what could be known about a show found on the side of the road (where most people would simply say 'unknown lineage'). And, we do allow CDR(x) shows here when they are shows that you just won't find circulating from the master (or silver, whichever it happens to be). Usually these are much older shows.
I don't want to torrent a show I found on the side of the road. Just wanted to make sure I understood what you where saying. I agree with the policy. I'd like to see silver boots banned as well since they have no linage beyond the pressing. I keep seeing this: AUD > ? > Silver CD. I wonder what's really between AUD and Silver. It could be anything so how is this linage any better than A(x) > CDR. If you stop at the silver you have no digital problems, just an unknown number of analog gens adding hiss and speed variations to the source.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
And, in regards to site growth, we are growing at a rate that we never really expected, to be honest (we've never gone out and advertised ourselves). We are gaining about 200 registrations a day. I don't know how fast people really want us to grow. I'm not going to worry about our growth right now
The growth rate is impressive. It explains way my torrents seem to run forever here. I have one that's been running for over a month. The swarm never was very big but it just keeps going and going...

Please don't think I'm picking on the place. IMHO this is the best torrent site there is. You guys have made this a very friendly place to share music.
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